Self-Defense Legal Services 

The SafeHouse Defense Legal Concierge Program

As a member of Tim Forshey’s Safehouse Defense Legal Concierge Program, you will have the assurance of an established legal retainer agreement in place to handle any Self-Defense, Accident, Personal Injury or Wrongful Death matter which, unfortunately, could arise in your life. There is, regrettably, no way to eliminate the risk of such events from our lives, but there is a way to minimize the cost of handling them when/if they DO arise.

We’ve created the ideal Self-Defense program for Arizona residents, giving you options for local self-defense legal services and training resources. You may choose between Individual and Family Plans, pay monthly or get added discounts when you prepay your annual membership in advance. Benefits include, No Attorney Fees for Self-Defense cases, Deeply discounted NFA Trusts and representation on non-self-defense matters such as motor vehicle accidents and personal injury incidents.

In additional to the peace of mind that our full service legal program provides, we offer an affordable training option that allows members to access local, vetted resources for on-going self-defense training including monthly classes, seminars, live-fire range days and events. Contact or membership team to learn more. 1-602-300-3550


Plans starting at $12.95/month!



  • Uncapped payment (attorney fees) for defense of criminal cases
  • Uncapped payment (attorney fees) for defense of civil cases
  • Protection extends to all legal weapons
  • Defense of Extreme Risk-Protection orders (Red Flag Laws)
  • 24/7 emergency attorney hotline
  • Expungement of criminal record on (non-conviction) incidents


  • Monthly Professional Self Defense Training
  • Beginner to Advance Live-Fire Classes for Home Defense & Concealed Carry
  • On-Going In-Person Seminars with Self Defense Experts
  • Access to Members Only Range Day Events
  • Access to Suppressor Demo Days
  • Access Family Fun Days featuring the ShootA50Cal® Challenge
  • Access 3-Gun Tutorials & Machine Gun Adventures
  • Discounted Private Shooting Lessons & Group Training


  • Free “Safehouse Defense Consultations” – Strategy Sessions with Self Defense & Firearms Instructors to assist in preparing for and avoiding costly legal mistakes while fortifying your personal, family and home defense planning
  • Firearms Consultations, Sourcing & Customization
  • Discounted Attorney Drafted NFA Trusts And Wills
  • Free or Discounted AZ CCW Online Courses For Family & Friends


  • Most Other Criminal Cases
  • Orders Of Protection (Defense)
  • DUI
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Wrongful Death
  • Brain Injury/Spinal Cord Injury
  • Defective Products
  • Dog Bites
  • Slip & Fall
  • All Serious Injuries
  • Wrongful Termination

*Our program includes reduced fees. Personal Injury contingency fees are limited to 25% of any gross recovery obtained before starting litigation and 33% for any gross recovery after starting litigation, instead of our non-member rates of 33% and 40%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions below. Or, feel free to submit this inquiry form or give us a call at 1-602-691-6900

Safehouse Defense is the Concierge Legal Services Membership Plan developed by Arizona Attorney Timothy A. Forshey. Enrolled members of the Safehouse Defense Legal Concierge Program can access legals services provided by Tim Forshey’s Law Firm for free or at discounted rates. The plan allows members to receive free or reduced rates for Self-Defense, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury / Accidents, Wills and Firearms related matters such as NFA Trusts. Besides the Legal Service, enrolled member benefits also include local ongoing Self-Protection and Home Defense education, Arizona Concealed Carry Certification, legal seminars and range day shooting instruction and events. The Safehouse Defense Plan philosophy is built on the foundation that with proper education, mindset, planning and hands-on training our members can avoid conflict and minimize the legal ramifications that may come from protecting oneself or family.

The Safehouse Defense Membership Program is administered locally by a team of professionals hand-selected by Tim Forshey to deliver the highest level of customer service to members of the program. Please email or Call 1-602-691-6900 with any questions.

Timothy A. Forshey is a seasoned firearms law and criminal defense attorney dedicated to zealously protecting and advocating the rights of his clients through all ethical and professional means.  Tim provides a uniquely personal touch, offering counsel and comfort to his clients so they can focus on their lives while he manages their legal needs. Tim’s Law Firm also provides a Concierge Legal Concierge Program called Safehouse Defense. The membership program provides educational classes, training and affordable legal services to Arizona citizens and responsible firearms owners.

With nearly 30 years of experience in self-defense laws, firearms law, NFA Trusts, personal injury law and criminal law, Tim is a member of the State Bars of Arizona, Colorado and Illinois and a member of numerous professional organizations. He has been featured in several prominent magazines, including Time, Money, Phoenix and Guns And Weapons for Law Enforcement.

Tim is an Arizona Ranger Pistol and Rifle Instructor and has been a National Rifle Association-certified instructor since 1997.  He has served as the lead concealed carry instructor at the elite Scottsdale Gun Club since it opened in 2002. He is certified by the U.S. Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) as an A class shooter, the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) as an Expert class shooter and by the Glock Sport Shooting Federation (GSSF) as a Master class shooter. He has won numerous state and national shooting competitions in his class. Tim has taught over 50,000 students the Arizona Concealed Carry Certification Course both in-person and through the AZ CCW Online course he helped co-develop in 2019.

We offer a variety of affordable membership levels for individuals, spouses and families.

All of our membership levels include discounts on NFA Trusts, Wills and Free Arizona Concealed Carry Certification Courses. An added benefit of the Safehouse Defense Program is that members have free access to ongoing local legal seminars, range day shooting events and discounted firearms training.

The truth is, there is lots of misleading and bad information being taught by a variety of instructors. Tim’s legal background and firearms expertise offers a truly unique perspective while covering the topics required for Arizona CCW Certification. We highly recommend that all members take Tim Forshey’s AZ CCW ONLINE course as it discusses Arizona’s specific self defense and gun laws and valuable insights of legal concealed carry and home defense. It’s truly the best AZ CCW Class in America. Click here to read the growing number of 5 Star Google reviews.

The AZ CCW ONLINE course is especially designed to arm Safehouse Defense Members with the foundational knowledge that is essential to understanding the legalities and realities of Use of Force Laws in Arizona. We include free AZ CCW Online course in our membership plans because we want our all members, spouses, relatives, friends to have access to this important information and to be active participants in the Safehouse Defense Strategy.

Signing up is easy and can be done right here on our website. It’s fast and convenient. If you need help please contact our membership team at 1-602-691-6900

Yes, This program is specifically created for Arizona Residents.

Please notify us of any address changes right away. This program is specifically created to offer Arizona Residents a variety of local benefits as well as nationwide coverage for certain legal issues. Please contact us if you need assistance modifying your membership options. 1-602-691-6900 is the direct contact for our membership team.


Setup fees, if applicable are non-refundable. Monthly re-occurring payments will begin 30 days after your order was placed. Members can cancel at any time during the initial 7 day setup period (minus any one-time set up fees).

The discounted hourly rate applies to legal fees only. Necessary and pre-approved expenses are billed separately. All legal matters must have occurred AFTER you become a member of the Safehouse Defense Plan for the reduced hourly rate to apply. All monthly retainer fees are to ensure the availability of an attorney at Timothy A. Forshey Law. As such, all legal fees are earned on receipt and are non-refundable. Representation in a legal matter is not guaranteed. Representation is subject to the Rules of Professional Conduct, including the clearing of conflicts for a particular legal matter and attorneys are ethically bound not to represent clients in frivolous or inappropriate legal matters. As such, the attorney shall be the sole judge of what matters are “Legally inappropriate.” Please call us at 602-691-6900 if you have any questions.


We may utilize partner attorneys in our network for some areas of law that we do not provide in-house. While these attorneys do not work for the Attorneys for Timothy A. Forshey Law, they have been vetted by us and provide the same great service and discounted rates to our members as we do. Questions? Please contact our office directly 602-691-6900 if you have any questions.